We have lived in Port Angeles, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula on our farm for 40 years and raised dahlias for more than 30+ years. Our website is constantly undergoing changes as we grow. We love to share the beauty of the flowers. Once again the garden has many new varieties!
Catalog Listing of dahlias A to Z!!
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Dahlia Tubers.
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We Love little tree frogs that eat troublesome earwigs!
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and storing tubers.
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2016-17 Dahlia List
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The Garden is now OPEN for internet orders. ALL THE TUBERS HAVE BEEN DUG AND PUT TO BED FOR THE WINTER!! Today (11/16/2016) I updated the website with MORE "SOLD OUT" varieties. The website WILL NOT be updated for two weeks!! If a variety 'sells out' during this time, please give me some options for substitute tubers. Thank you for understanding!! Jan
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