Dahlias will grow in almost any location and in almost any soil. However, to have outstanding plants and flowers, you must be selective of the planting placement. Dahlias prefer a sunny location in order to thrive. They should receive at least a half-day of sun and even more is preferable. Select a site for your dahlia garden that is away from trees, sunny, and yet sheltered from direct wind.

 Dahlia tubers are surface feeders. Since they donít send down a tap root or long feeder roots the plants will easily be blown over by the wind. Staking the plants is necessary. A further important consideration is the condition of the soil. In most cases, a good everyday garden soil is adequate. But good soil drainage is vital for dahlia plants. If the soil holds surface water for more than several hours after a rain, the likelihood is that it should be augmented with organic matter. Humus, peat moss, sand, or well-rotted manure will work well. A mixture of equal parts of all of the above makes an excellent addition to heavy soil.

 If at all possible, choose the planting site in the fall. Dig or till your plot and start working in compost, peat moss, sand, and rotted manure. Keep the site as weed free as possible during the winter months. This will make your spring work and planting much easier. Then as spring comes, the area will need a further digging, or tilling to a depth of at least six inches but eight to ten inches is better. If you choose to use a commercial fertilizer, be sure to keep the nitrogen (the first of the three content numbers) to a low number. For example, a 5-20-20 would be adequate. This of course should be well worked into the area in a ratio of 3 to 5 pounds per 100 square feet. Further fertilization should not be needed although some people apply a second mid-season application of the above formula to their dahlias or use a similar ratio in a liquid form.
Tips on planting dahlias.
Dahlias love the sun!!
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