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The above diagram shows a clump of tubers and what a
 viable tuber will look like.
A photo of how the tubers are stored in the micro-
 perfed 'french bread' bags.
Tubers are kept in an insulated building throughout winter at 40-45 degrees.
I store the tubers in micro-perfed 'french bread' bags for a reason. I can easily check all the tubers to see how they are doing every month. If there's a bad one I can pull it and toss it out. Another secret that I've learned over the years is to put a couple of paper towels on the bottom of the box before putting any tubers into the box, and to also put a couple paper towels on top between the tubers and the lid. The paper towels trap any moisture and help keep the tubers firm and happy all winter instead of drying out and shriveling.
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